New Construction

A superior process

With some New Construction contractors, the process is indeed painful. But we have honed our process over nearly 25 years in business here in the Bay Area. It is a very different process than is typical with remodeling contractors, and one that aims to get you the dream home you deserve without the nightmare that has become so prevalent in this industry.

Award-winning home designs

Our team has produced award-winning designs over the past 18 years, and our experience in the industry is unmatched. Everything we stand for – dependable service, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, code of ethics, timeliness and cleanliness – far exceeds anything the remodeling industry has ever seen.

BACB’s rich portfolio of residential projects affords us a broad grasp of the unique issues surrounding construction in this market sector. Quality is paramount on any residential construction project, as well as the early development of a schedule and budget for our clients’ lending institutions.

During construction, our experienced field staff approach each daily trade contractor walk-through from the perspective of a homeowner, examining the quality and ensuring the specification of the smallest design detail.

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Transform your house into your dream home.

Contact BACB today for the highest quality luxury kitchen remodeling. Call (408) 446-1200 for your free consultation or stop by our showroom.

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